Maria Luisa Lima | Children’s book concept (Work in Progress)
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Children’s book concept (Work in Progress)


Markers, Colored pencils, Gouache, Fimo

About This Project

Idea for an illustrated children’s book I came up with during Anna Forlati’s masterclass “The Silent Beginning – Starting an Illustrated Story”, at the illustration meeting “Braga em Risco”.


Sarah loves to bake so when her best friend’s birthday comes, she decides she wants to bake him a cake. She knows exactly which recipe she is going to follow and she knows he is going to absolutely love it. However, when she tries to find the recipe in the piles and piles of baking books she owns, she cannot find it. So she embarks on a journey through her house, from her bedroom, to the bathroom and even the scary attic. Where could the book be? Can you help her find it?