Maria Luisa Lima | Embora te digam que não
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Embora te digam que não


Plaster Gauze, Electrowelded Mesh, Wire, Various Papers, Sewing Thread, Motor

About This Project

When growing up seems to be the watchword, then seriousness, lots of seriousness is also in store. Questions arise such as: “What’s your plan? Do you have certainties, objectives, wishes?”

It seems adults want you to be restrained and prudent: it is not the time for loving colours.

Contradicting this notion, this installation pays the “adult-child” a compliment by contrasting the ideas of routine and dream. Kinetics allows for creating a dreamlike environment and confronting the motionlessness and sobriety of the rest of the piece, while revealing the conscious and growing abandonment of child-like delights in day-to-day life.

The image of a moving colourful crowd of paper origamis evokes spontaneity and boldness.

In contrast, the immobility of other elements is meant to show that the security and stability that we associate with them is merely illusionary: is the one who defends being realistic richer, that which is achievable and tangible, or is the one who lets himself marvel at things which, because they are so ordinary, can actually captivate and dazzle you the one who benefits most?