Maria Luisa Lima | O Homem sonha
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O Homem Sonha


Wick, Paraffin, Sewing Thread, Pebbles

About This Project

Performance work created for “Workshop I – Sculpture” course.
Inspired by Sebastião Salgado’s photography, I tried to represent the theme of “shelter” through the eyes of the masses of people on the move around the world. Most of the time these people risk their own lives, motivated by the desire of finding a new and better reality, a safe place to live. By coating human figures made of wick with paraffin, I could then burn them during a performance and, in this way, symbolize an often tragic end to their journey (whether from disease, hunger, thirst, drowning), stopping the majority from achieving their goal. Nevertheless the aim was to convey the idea that this dream of change holds great value because striving for improvement makes the world go round. To emphasize this concept in line with my intentions, I made reference to António Gedeão’s poem “Pedra Filosofal” by writing the verses of the last stanza on several pebbles and placing them inside each wick figure.
– – – –
“Eles não sabem, nem sonham,
que o sonho comanda a vida,
que sempre que um homem sonha
o mundo pula e avança
como bola colorida
entre as mãos de uma criança.”

António Gedeão